Detour Trail reviews (links)

Check out this Detour Trail review:

And here’s an in-depth review of Detour TrailDetour Trail.

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Joy V. Smith interview (link)

In which I cover a lot of territory and talk about some of my books and stories.  Thanks, Kev!

KAI Presents… During the JOYOUS Christmas Season (Wink) …Joy V. Smith!.

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Post-apocalyptic fun

Actually, Strike Three, my post-apocalyptic  novel, isn’t all that much fun since I devastate the planet with bombs, fallout, and the “hot virus,” but I think you’ll enjoy this poem:

My Mayan Non-post-apocalyptic Verse
by Vincent Miskell

The Mayans never said
what we said they said
or else right now
we’d all be dead
blown up into outer space
or perhaps some other heavenly place.
Our world’s still here for better or worse
but it’s certainly the end–
of my Mayan non-post-apocalyptic verse.



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Pet Peeves Lead to Novels (link)

There are some good ideas here that make for interesting or irritating characters: Guest post: Pet Peeves Lead to Novels by JL Greger.


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The Starting Point of a Book Cover (link)

I appreciated these suggestions for creating your own book cover: The Start Point of a Book Cover.

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Fantasy Author and Illustrator Lee Dunning interview (link)

Entertaining and interesting interview, and I enjoyed that intriguing excerpt: Presenting, Fantasy Author and Illustrator… Lee Dunning! (With An Exclusive, To Kev’s Author Interviews, Giveaway Offer).

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MREs and Desert Storm (link)

I enjoyed Linda Maye Adams’ latest Desert Storm post and the MREs list and background.  Check it out here:

Note: I used MREs as a survival food, among others, in my post-apocalyptic novel, Strike Three.


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