Kill me now – what do I do about a negative review? (link)

It’s good to be prepared: Kill me now – what do I do about a negative review?.

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Author Spotlight: Anthony St. Clair (link)

St. Clair is spotlighted on Morgen Bailey’s writing blog, and his books sound intriguing and fun.  I’ll be checking them out. (He enjoys some of the shows, books and authors, including Terry Prtchett, that I do!  Good sign.)  Link: Author Spotlight no.379 – Anthony St. Clair.


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Cold New Planet upcoming

I recently signed a contract for my story, Cold New Planet; it’ll be in an anthology that is being fine-tuned now.  It’s about Terrans colonizing a planet being terra-formed and thawing out so they’re starting with what they brought with them, including supplies and livestock in stasis.   They’re all alone on this cold new planet, or are they?


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Summer Writing Series: Ready, Set, Go!

Here’s a succinct description of the writing process–and beyond…

Summer Writing Series: Ready, Set, Go!.

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Book club fun (link)

Here’s a fun way to hold a book club meeting and give a book talk: Recipe for the Perfect Monday: Books, Friends and Cupcakes  



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Basic writing rules from Morgen Bailey’s writing blog (link)

I appreciate these reminders ’cause I lose track sometimes:

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World building (link)

Today I have a guest post on Nancy Pennick’s Summer Writing Series:

World Building

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