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Taboo Tech is a Top 10 finisher

Taboo Tech is a top 10 finisher for science fiction and fantasy novels in Critters Annual Readers Poll of 2019. 


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Writing news update

Uh, not much happening. I didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year–first time I haven’t in a long time–but I didn’t have an idea or premise–and I haven’t finished editing last year’s novel! And I’m waiting still to hear from editors about my latest submissions. I have been working on promotional projects. That’s always important ’cause I don’t want to forget my published works, such as Detour Trail, my western novel:

Detour Trail:  After being dumped by the wagon master of the train she and her murdered uncle were traveling with, Lorrie Emerson must form her own wagon train; she recruits those needing her help–a brother and sister, a family, and a couple of escaping slaves. Lorrie and her party slog through mud and mountain passes before taking a detour. Because the family desperately needed help, Lorrie must leave the trail with her small group of wagons, fighting off thieves, storms, and ambushes along the way. Finding supplies isn’t easy either, especially during blizzards. However, she makes friends along the way, and Jake, the heroic mule, joins her train too.

Later, Lorrie rescues Barrett Lee. After this man from the wilderness recovers, he and Gray Cloud the wolf leave–with a push from her. Will he return? Will these two independent people make room for each other in their lives? And would he let her keep her independence as she continues to take on more adventures?



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Hidebound synopsis and history

Hidebound was first published in The Fifth Di– 1997 (serialized) and then in Once Upon A World May 1999 and was a contest winner twice:
Hidebound synopsis (Thanks, Sandy): Anfissa Scarvan is escaping on the passenger ship, St. Catherine, when it’s attacked by The Combine. She ends up in a lifeboat with Varn Koss and his bodyguards, and they crash on Snakebite. Fissa and Ferenc, Koss’ remaining bodyguard, fight their ways towards a relay station, but after she’s attacked and weak, Ferenc offers her a remedy unique to his planet…
On their trek across Snakebite to the relay station fortress, they find a sea of caustic plants, attacking insects, and vicious grass. With no water and meager rations, Ferenc offers her “water” from his internal supply. This is foreplay on his planet. Ferenc’s unique abilities (there’s a reason his planet is restricted) make him a valuable commodity, and Anfissa must fight to keep him safe.She must take steps to protect Ferenc before they’re separated, and she ends up at her family’s fortress, where she must protect herself and her family.
Will Fissa and Ferenc have a future together? What about the rest of the family? And poor Freki?.

Hidebound is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005ICFOHY

(There are more reviews on Amazon.)

Hidebound cover

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Cold New Planet spotlighted (link)

Cold New Planet has been spotlighted on Florida Book News:  http://www.floridabooknews.com/

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Joy V. Smith’s 2016 Facebook video (link)

Here’s my fun end-of-the-year video from Facebook:



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Joy’s ebooks

My story (SF and fantasy) collection of 14 reprints, The Doorway and Other Stories, is available on Kindle:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007SV1FB2

Hidebound (SF) is available on:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005ICFOHY  and
After Anfissa meets Ferenc, they flee to a planet where even the grass is deadly.
Pretty Pink Planet (SF) is available free on  http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/93615 
Lori, an agent of SOESFOL, visits Prism to track down planet pirates and rescue aliens.
Hot Yellow Planet is available on: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/94029 
In this Pretty Pink Planet sequel, Lori and Chiing continue their adventures.
How one woman bought and remodeled a foreclosure; it didn’t even have a kitchen sink! 


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Writing news update

NaNoWriMo is upcoming (November 1), and I’ve already registered and am thinking about my plot. (I finally have one.) And I think I’ll start with a prologue–again.

An editor asked for the full ms of one of my novels after I sent a query. That makes me feel hopeful…

I have three of my books at Meet the Authors Book Fair at the Eau Gallie Civic Center, Melbourne, FL. That’s November 19 & 20, 2016 from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM: http://www.floridabooknews.com/

And I received nice feedback on a recent contest entry. ‘Course the deadline isn’t until December 1.


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Florida Book News update (link)

My science fiction adventure/romance ebook, Hidebound, was recently spotlighted on Florida Book News: http://www.floridabooknews.com/


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Joy V. Smith interview

http://www.uwosh.edu/today/wp-content/uploads/51Id9w-9-IL._SX331_BO1204203200_.jpgUniversity of Wisconsin Oshkosh alumna Joy Smith ‘85, of Lakeland, Fla., has been writing since she was a little girl, producing her first nonfiction book,Building a Cool House for Hot Times Without Scorching the Pocketbook, in 2004.

“I kept a diary while building our house in the country in 1998 and worked on it for a while with research before submitting it,” Smith said.

A science fiction-junkie, Smith has since published numerous works of fiction, appearing in publications like WomanScapes and Magistria: The Realm of the Sorcerer. Her first western novel, Detour Trail, debuted in 2013. Her science fiction novel, Strike Three, came later in 2014.

Publishing two novels and having her short stories accepted are highlights of her career. She is working on finishing her current novel.

Her passion started when she was a child, when reading and writing were her  hobbies. At UW Oshkosh, she continued her devotion to the two pursuits, saying it helped her career as a writer move forward.

She offers advice to students who want to pursue a career in writing, which starts with understanding the fundamentals.

“Read and learn basic English grammar so you can edit your work at least a little bit,” Smith said.

She bought books from Writer’s Digest, a library of knowledge for aspiring authors, and began entering contests.

One contest Smith enters that has helped the development of her novels is the National Novel Writing Month, or “NaNoWriMo,” where authors are challenged to meet a 50,000-word quota in the month of November.

Although she has faced challenges in writing, such as writer’s block, she says research and discipline have benefited her.

“Research is necessary, more than you’d think, even when writing fiction,” Smith said. “I wrote short stories and their sequels for years because I wasn’t ready to tackle long work.”

Smith has produced works for fantasy, romance, westerns, horror, children’s books and other genres. She keeps a notebook stuffed with submission records.

Smith misses her days at UWO–both her experiences on- and off-campus.

“I enjoyed living in a dorm room, visiting the art museum, walking downtown to the library, and ordering pizza from Jess and Nicks,” she said. “I loved geology and my Milton class because he was a great teacher. Those were highlights in the education line. I hope current students enjoy college as much as I did, and all the various activities that go with it.”



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Hidebound (SF adventure and romance) on sale!

Hidebound, my SF adventure with aliens, pirates, and vicious plants, is on sale half price this month: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/82218  Code:SSW50

Hidebound cover


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