Blizzard as a puppy

Joy V. Smith has been writing stories since she was a kid.  Her stories and articles have been published in print magazines, webzines, and anthologies; and her SF has been published in two audiobooks, including Sugar Time. Her print books include Strike Three, Sugar Time, Detour Trail and a collection of short story reprints: The Doorway and Other Stories.  Her ebooks include three SF reprints: Hidebound, Pretty Pink Planet, and Hot Yellow Planet and a non-fiction ebook about her adventures in: Remodeling: Buying and Updating a Foreclosure.  She lives in Florida with Blizzard the Snow Princess and Bryn the Flying Corgi.

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  1. Hi Joy: Fellow writer here in Davenport, Florida/Haines City area. Saw review of your short story collection in the Ledger this morning. I also write speculative fiction and crime/mystery stories. I also write some non-fiction.

    Please check out my web site: http://www.vincentscarsella.webs.com and various stuff on Amazon.

    Also, would like to get together to discuss marketing our works. I am coming out with a self-published crime e-novel soon called “The Anonymous Man.”

    • Vincent, Hi! Very nice website, btw. Nicely laid out, and I love the book!! And you’ve been busy writing and publishing, I see.

      I’m usually busy and in and out. Catching me is hard, even on the phone (though it can be done). I prefer email ’cause I can do that at my leisure. I’ve got lots of marketing links, if you want any.

      Btw, are you aware of Oasis (lieterary SF con) in Orlando on Memorial Day weekend? I hope to make it there this year.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. Do you do Facebook or Twitter? That has been somewhat useful as a marketing tool. I have also read some other marketing books, some have useful ideas, others do not. Hopefully, you will purchase something of mine (I suggest starting with, “Within A Dream”) and giving it a review and I will do likewise for you.

  2. Vince, No I’m not on Facebook or Twitter. I thought I’d think about that when my novel comes out… As this point in time (April is really busy! And my May calendar is filling up), no way do I have time for reading or reviewing.

  3. Vince, I couldn’t find any info on Within A Dream. (Just thought I’d check it out.) Do you have a link? I couldn’t find it at the publisher.

  4. Vince, Thank you! I rarely take the time to do searches so I really appreciate links. And I don’t have an e-reader so I don’t read ebooks on my computer unless I have to. Your book does sound interesting, and that’s certainly an intriguing cover.

  5. Do some final editing. A long process. Aren’t you books for e-readers?

  6. Vince, You’re editing a book? Oh, yes. that can take forever… I’ve published some ebooks, but when I find a book I’m really interested in, I check to see if it’s available in print. Sometimes it is; and I plan to publish some of my ebooks in print.

  7. I’m editing my novel, The Anonymous Man. It is 98% there, but you know how that is. Actually, I anticipate having it available on Kindle by the end of the month. I need to move on to other projects!

  8. Way to go! When you’re that close to the end, you feel more confident. I know about moving on. April’s beem a busy month; I’ll be finished with two projects when it’s over.

  9. Hi Joy, This is Jennifer from RebeccasReads. I have your book submission but no email address to contact you when the review is back. Please email us admin@rebeccasreads.com thank you !!


  10. I see you’ve reviewed “The Far Time Incident”. I have a time travel novel, am indie as well. I’ll keep this short, but if you accept book review requests, email me at author@scottspotson.com. Thanks!

  11. Many thanks Joy for being one of my supportive followers on Writing Wings in 2013. Must visit here more often in 2014

  12. Thanks Joy. Try to use my own photos when I can, but lucky to have a brilliant designer for the cover.

  13. Good job. It’s an intriguing cover.

  14. No problem… thanks for replying! 🙂

  15. Kev

    I love Blizzard’s pic, Joy. 🙂

  16. jad

    Hi, Joy. I just stumbled on your blog by accident. I reviewed Hidebound a while back for BookStackReviews and Amazon — Loved it, by the way! — and was just wondering how you’re doing. At the time, I thought Hidebound could be the basis for a wonderful series, and Anfissa is a character I’d like to hear more about.

    Best wishes

  17. Jad–Well, in case you’re not aware, there’s Pretty Pink Planet (free on Smashwords), Hot Yellow Planet, The Doorway and Other Stories (reprint collection), and there’s Detour Trail (western novel) and my remodeling book. (I really should make my first house book an ebook.)

  18. Oh, and one of my recent short stories, Cold New Planet, is in the anthology, Science Fiction Consortium. That’s the only place it’s available.

  19. Thanks for the like of the author interview posted yesterday by Morgen. I would love to get more reviews of Rarity from the Hollow. Pagadan, I read that you rarely perform such service, but Jad, if you read this and are interested, please let me know: robert_t(at)suddenlink(dot)net . BTW, speaking of ASPCA mentioned above, does anybody remember the pop song in the early ’60s that had the line, “They’re, coming to take me away, Ha, Ha. They’re coming to take me away….” I haven’t thought about that one for years, and the mention of the SPCA above triggered a memory — next to Google! Take care everybody.

  20. Robert, I rarely review and often have to turn down requests, but I certainly hope you find some….

  21. Thanks, Joy. Following is an excerpt of a book review that was published yesterday. If you have any free time in the future (Ha, Ha [Ibid.]), please let me know.

    “Rarity from the Hollow is a harsh, yet alluring sci-fi tale of a young girl’s journey to fix her dysfunctional family and save the Universe, in a world that profits from human exploitation….

    Eggleton successfully combines and exposes a number of disturbing issues such as child abuse, puberty, human misery and poverty from the mind of young heroine that is yearning to escape the horrors of her everyday life. Rarity from the Hollow is detailed, dark and beautifully written by a competent writer who injects plenty of satire, sci-fi and fantasy elements into a work of thought-provoking and meaningful adult/fantasy fiction at its very best….”

    4.5 stars
    Catherine Putsche, author

  22. Robert, Sounds intriguing, but I really don’t have the time. (I should be working on two projects I’ve been putting off too long!)

  23. Thanks for the reply. Since you are so busy, I would also be interested in a spotlight or author interview. I can provide all the info asap, including about the author proceeds having been donated to prevent child abuse. I would, of course, be interested in links to any Amazon Vine reviewers, like you. I’ve tried to use the generic list of reviewers from that program with little success. The Vine reviews that the novel has were unsolicited. Thanks again.

  24. I do my own research…

  25. Did you get the reviewer lists I sent you?

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