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Old Rex (ghost story)

I recently learned–via Giga Alert–that an old anthology that one of my stories (Old Rex) appeared in is still available–just in time for Halloween: The Ghost in the Gazebo: An Anthology of New England Ghost Stories.

Old Rex is also available in my SF/fantasy short story collection of reprints:  The Doorway and Other Stories

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Cold New Planet

Are the colonists alone on the slowly thawing planet? This planet was supposed to be theirs; their backers, who had their own agenda, had paid enough money to ensure that. And what lies under the snow and ice?

Cold New Planet can be found in Science Fiction Consortium, an anthology of short stories: Amazon link

ice scape  corp1699


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Here’s your chance to win Detour Trail (link)

My publisher, Melange Books, has a book giveaway extravaganza starting now: New Years Giveaway Extravaganza


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Preditors & Editors poll

The Preditors & Editors poll is now open; and I have two entries this year:

Strike Three, my post-apocalyptic novel, is in the Science Fiction and Fantasy novel category:

And Cold New Planet–from the Science Fiction Consortium anthology–is in the Science Fiction & Fantasy short story category:


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Joy V. Smith interview (link)

In which I cover a lot of territory and talk about some of my books and stories.  Thanks, Kev!

KAI Presents… During the JOYOUS Christmas Season (Wink) …Joy V. Smith!.

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Science Fiction Consortium review

This anthology contains 10 stories by 9 authors, and they’re all good (not always the case in an anthology), but I do have favorites:
Temporal Shift is a good time travel story; it incorporates history (9/11) and considers the dangers of changing the past–no matter how badly you want to.  Some of my favorite classic time travel stories do that.  I like the ending!
A Shepherd No More is good–and has a cool ending.  No peeking!
I really like The Destroyer of Syn.  I wondered how their lives would turn out–and if they would survive.  You’ll have to read it to learn what obstacles our protagonists had to surmount…
The other stories vary quite a bit with their backgrounds and views of the present and future, and I enjoyed them all.  I think you’ll enjoy them too, but some more than others, as I did.  Recommended–and I look forward to reading your reviews.
Note: One of the stories, Cold New Planet, is mine, but I haven’t read it yet here nor reviewed it, of course.  


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Scifaiku introduction to Cold New Planet

Cold New Planet
new world
not mine
not yet
our new world
the crops grow green
for the first time
–oino sakai c9912.26
Available from CreateSpace:

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Cold New Planet now available in anthology

Science Fiction Consortium is an anthology of short stories from nine authors, including the creator of the Science Fiction Microstory Contest, Jot Russell.

“Temporal Shift” by Jot Russell is a time travel story based around 9/11.

“The Watch Spring” by Allen H. Quintana – Where a man waits for no time.

“A Shepherd No More” by Andy McKell follows one man’s refusal to accept disaster in the depths of space.

“Vampirecratic Menace – A Case Study?” by Richard Bunning describes a dark future medical science.

“Luna-1” by James Newman is a space drama of human struggle.

“The Destroyer of Syn” by Ami Hart paints a synthetic world of youth to maturity.

“Cold New Planet” by Joy V. Smith – What mysteries will the colonists–and the consortium backing them–uncover on this slowly thawing planet?

“Darklings in the Glow” by Sterren describes birth from the ashes.

“Host” by A. L. Scott is a story of internal contact.

“Consortium” by Jot Russell – The search for intelligent life has used the method of radio and light. But somewhere within the subatomic, a universal seed has been planted that is slowly working to control us all.

Available from Amazon: Science Fiction Consortium



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Cold New Planet announcement

My short story, Cold New Planet, is available now in the anthology, Science Fiction Consortium, as an ebook.  It should be coming out soon in print from CreateSpace.  Here’s the Smashwords link if you want to look at what else is in the anthology.  


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Cold New Planet upcoming

I recently signed a contract for my story, Cold New Planet; it’ll be in an anthology that is being fine-tuned now.  It’s about Terrans colonizing a planet being terra-formed and thawing out so they’re starting with what they brought with them, including supplies and livestock in stasis.   They’re all alone on this cold new planet, or are they?


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