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AOL forums

Historical footnote:

Speaking of screen names, both my screen names, Pagadan and Velvet (SF forum), and other posters’, were used in a story by Michael Flynn–“Dawn, and Sunset, and the Colours of the Earth.”  The story appeared in Asimov’s SF magazine (October/November 2006) and then in Year’s Best SF 12 (2007). 

He posted a call for contributors for the story in his own forum, and a number of people responded.  He could only use a few, but I’ve always hoped he saved them all ’cause there were some great posts!  I didn’t save much ‘since back then I thought those AOL forum posts would be saved forever.  They were full of fun and educational posts.

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Joy’s SF books

Some of my SF books are included in this article:


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Strike Three

Strike Three, my post-apocalyptic novel, is now out of print, but there are still some copies on Amazon:


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Taboo Tech review

Richard Dengrove’s follow up to his Taboo Tech review in Jomp, Jr: “… I found the relationships among men, extraterrestrials and robots fascinating.”


tabootechFRONT 2

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Taboo Tech is a Top 10 finisher

Taboo Tech is a top 10 finisher for science fiction and fantasy novels in Critters Annual Readers Poll of 2019. 


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Taboo Tech in Publishers Weekly

Taboo Tech is in the latest issue of Publishers Weekly (December 23, 2019).

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Annual Readers Poll

I just got an invitation from Critters/ (formerly Preditors and Editors –see below), so I entered Taboo Tech.

Critters / is once again happy to host the Annual Readers Poll. (Formerly co-hosted by P&E, but they appear to have gone dormant.) Good luck to all entrants!

The Readers’ Poll honors print & electronic publications published during 2019. Click here for the official rules.

The poll opens Dec. 24 this year (through Jan. 14). The poll is open! The poll closes in: 19 day(s) (based on your system clock) Check back for final results to be posted soon after the poll closes!

Newest categories: Magical Realism, Positive Future Fiction (novel & short story)

While you’re waiting, check out the Best Ever Written Readers’ Poll (ongoing).

Note your name and email address will be required to vote to prevent fraud. Entries for each category are listed in alphabetical order. Add a new entry using the row at the bottom. Voters are automatically entered into a drawing for prizes from our sponsors. Please check your vote for accuracy before submitting, as we regret we cannot fix typos! You may report errors here but generally only errors affecting the scores will be dealt with, after the voting ends. [Prior years’ final tallies are here]

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Taboo Tech spotlighted in Titan

Taboo Tech, my SF novel, is spotlighted in the latest issue of Titan, my University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh college alumni magazine.

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Authors for Authors book fair upcoming

The Meet the Authors’ Book Fair will be held on November 23 & 24, 2019, at the Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne, FL. My books on display include Taboo Tech, Strike Three, Sugar Time, and Detour Trail.

tabootechFRONT 2Cover5SugartimecDetourTrail cover 2

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Midwest Book Review (October issue)

Taboo Tech is reviewed on Midwest Book Review:

(Thank you Ms. Wilhelm)


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