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Hidebound synopsis and history

Hidebound was first published in The Fifth Di– 1997 (serialized) and then in Once Upon A World May 1999 and was a contest winner twice:
Hidebound synopsis (Thanks, Sandy): Anfissa Scarvan is escaping on the passenger ship, St. Catherine, when it’s attacked by The Combine. She ends up in a lifeboat with Varn Koss and his bodyguards, and they crash on Snakebite. Fissa and Ferenc, Koss’ remaining bodyguard, fight their ways towards a relay station, but after she’s attacked and weak, Ferenc offers her a remedy unique to his planet…
On their trek across Snakebite to the relay station fortress, they find a sea of caustic plants, attacking insects, and vicious grass. With no water and meager rations, Ferenc offers her “water” from his internal supply. This is foreplay on his planet. Ferenc’s unique abilities (there’s a reason his planet is restricted) make him a valuable commodity, and Anfissa must fight to keep him safe.She must take steps to protect Ferenc before they’re separated, and she ends up at her family’s fortress, where she must protect herself and her family.
Will Fissa and Ferenc have a future together? What about the rest of the family? And poor Freki?.

Hidebound is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005ICFOHY

(There are more reviews on Amazon.)

Hidebound cover


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Joy’s free and discounted ebooks!

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Hidebound review

Here’s my first review of Hidebound from Amazon:

Fissa’s desire for independence, leaving the safety of her home planet to travel space on her cousin’s ship, the St. Catherine, may be her first and final adventure. The ship is attacked, and she crash-lands in a shuttle on a planet covered with carnivorous vegetation. Now her life is in the hands of Ferenc, an alien humanoid with strange physical powers. Will he abandon her, force himself upon her, or continue to save her as they journey over deadly terrain? Under the constant threat of death and with a growing attraction for the enigmatic humanoid, Fissa must grow up fast and make some life-altering choices. Joy V. Smith has deftly combined science fiction adventure with romance, realistically exploring an emotional and physical relationship between human and humanoid.
[Note: Adult content]

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Hidebound by Joy V. Smith on Kindle

Hidebound is now available on Kindle:

Amazon.com: Hidebound eBook: Joy V. Smith: Kindle Store 


Description: Not long after Anfissa meets Ferenc, a strange humanoid bodyguard, on the space cruiser, St. Catherine, she is forced to flee with him, his menacing boss, and another bodyguard in a lifeboat during an attack on the cruiser, to a planet where even the grass is deadly.  Travelling across the planet to find a small relay station, Fissa nearly succumbs to dehydration and insect bites until Ferenc offers her help unique to his home planet.  Note: Adult content.




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I’m wrestling with my science fiction adventure/romance novella, Hidebound, to get it accepted by Smashwords.  (I finally succeeded with the cover last night.  I had to learn a lot more to do that!)  Anyway, here’s the cover:

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