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Taboo Tech spotlighted in Titan

Taboo Tech, my SF novel, is spotlighted in the latest issue of Titan, my University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh college alumni magazine.

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Authors for Authors book fair upcoming

The Meet the Authors’ Book Fair will be held on November 23 & 24, 2019, at the Eau Gallie Civic Center in Melbourne, FL. My books on display include Taboo Tech, Strike Three, Sugar Time, and Detour Trail.

tabootechFRONT 2Cover5SugartimecDetourTrail cover 2

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Midwest Book Review (October issue)

Taboo Tech is reviewed on Midwest Book Review: http://www.midwestbookreview.com/rbw/oct_19.htm#carolynwilhelm

(Thank you Ms. Wilhelm)


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Taboo Tech update: promotion, etc.

I’m working on promotion–and looking for reviewers–and here’s a link to my press release:  https://www.24-7pressrelease.com/press-release/463440/author-joy-v-smiths-latest-science-fiction-novel-is-taboo-tech

Looking at my press release history on their website, I see that I’ve used them for several books over the years.


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Taboo Tech cover

I have my Taboo Tech cover, and I’m working on the final edit.

tabootechFRONT 2

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Taboo Tech update

I’m almost finished with my edits.  I came across some mistakes in spelling–not just typos. (I was careless.) I had a big dictionary on my desk slide-out shelf when working on my ms last night, and I even googled a few words. Interesting about stepsisters and step siblings. And I made other changes for various reasons. Btw, because I’ve been working on Taboo Tech for so long, the characters are roaming through my mind. Really. It’s a good thing I like them!

I’ve edited a lot of stories over the years, and I know you can keep doing it forever, and even then you’ll read the finished book and shriek and fall off your chair while clutching your hair and exclaiming–How could I miss that?! I read about one author–Max Brand, possibly–whose wife proofread his books so that the same number of men who rode into the canyon rode out again–assuming they weren’t shot.

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Taboo Tech update

I’ve been working on the story; putting characters, ships, and planets lists together. Oh, I forgot Snuggles! (He decided he wanted to be a dog; he chose the name, btw.) And I had to work on my dedication too. No acknowledgments needed for this book. (When working on Strike Three, I had a lot of help from people I knew online [remember the SF forums on AOL?], friends, and even my sister.)

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