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Writing news update

Uh, not much happening. I didn’t do NaNoWriMo this year–first time I haven’t in a long time–but I didn’t have an idea or premise–and I haven’t finished editing last year’s novel! And I’m waiting still to hear from editors about my latest submissions. I have been working on promotional projects. That’s always important ’cause I don’t want to forget my published works, such as Detour Trail, my western novel:

Detour Trail:  After being dumped by the wagon master of the train she and her murdered uncle were traveling with, Lorrie Emerson must form her own wagon train; she recruits those needing her help–a brother and sister, a family, and a couple of escaping slaves. Lorrie and her party slog through mud and mountain passes before taking a detour. Because the family desperately needed help, Lorrie must leave the trail with her small group of wagons, fighting off thieves, storms, and ambushes along the way. Finding supplies isn’t easy either, especially during blizzards. However, she makes friends along the way, and Jake, the heroic mule, joins her train too.

Later, Lorrie rescues Barrett Lee. After this man from the wilderness recovers, he and Gray Cloud the wolf leave–with a push from her. Will he return? Will these two independent people make room for each other in their lives? And would he let her keep her independence as she continues to take on more adventures?



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Jake the mule’s interview

Live on Lisa Burton Radio: an interview with Jake the mule from Detour Trail:  Meet Jake and Lisa (robot girl)

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Detour Trail tidbit

From The Write Stuff:

WHEN ONE OF YOUR CHARACTERS IS A MULEJoy V. Smith ran into a problem with her novel “Detour Trail” when one of her key characters was a mule named Jake. Says she in an April 27 post: One of my first sources said that mules were mostly black so I made Jake black ’cause I wanted to be accurate. Later I learned…that they could be the same colors as horses. After all that’s in their genes!” For her guest post, go to Good Book Alert: http://goodbookalert.blogspot.com/


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Mules and the Oregon Trail

DetourTrail cover 2I just started reading an Advance Reader’s Copy of The Oregon Trail: An American Journey by Rinker Buck, and I’m on chapter three now, which focuses on mules.  I did a lot of research when writing Detour Trail, and I’m still interested in the Oregon Trail–and mules because of Jake, an important character in the book.  The history is fascinating.


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M is for mule

Mules, horses, and oxen were essential on the trail, but Lorrie didn’t need more livestock when she met Jake, but he turned out to be very useful on the trail.  Oh, and around the house sometimes…  

Btw, a mule is the offspring of a donky and a horse, especially the offspring of a jackass and a mare.  They are usually sterile.  Check out my Western Style board on Pinterest for pictures of mules: http://pinterest.com/joyvsmith/

Note: A hinny is the offspring of a male horse and a female donkey.

Note: I thought about another m word, but that would have been a spoiler.


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J is for Jake

Jake is a mule–and a main character in Detour Trail, and I’m collecting mule pictures on my Western Style board on Pinterest.  You might enjoy my Cool Critters board too.  Pinterest link: http://pinterest.com/joyvsmith/

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