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Behind the scenes with a cover artist (link)

Interview with professional photo-illustrator and cover artist Gene Mollica.  He’s ” a photo-illustrator specializing in fantastical and otherworldly images for the entertainment industry, most frequently for book covers.”

Link: Cover artist interview from USA Today

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On sale now: The Doorway and Other Stories

My reprint collection, The Doorway and Other Stories, which includes 14 SF and fantasy adventures, is on sale for 99 cents now on Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007SV1FB2  (I know it says 11 stories in the book description, but that’s because I can’t figure out how to change it since I added three more stories.)


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The Doorway and Other Stories price is about to go up!

Here are some of the fourteen SF and fantasy stories:

Home Not: His mother named him Grief, and his aunt and uncle raised him until his aunt died. What could he do when his only protector was gone?
The Doorway: Nessa stumbles into the time corridor while helping a friend.
Guard Dog is the sequel to The Doorway.   (They have coats like steel wool.)
Royal Guardians: An ex-queen and her companions–her bodyguard and a temple cat–land in Florida after they escape from her palace.

Tired of your human body? Want to be a cat? Read Stray Cats.

The Trees of Home  is about real tree houses, unicorns, hostile mermaids, and a wife and mother who sets out to win her family’s respect.

The freeps in What Price a Friendly Freep resemble tribbles…

My genetic engineering short story, Carnies, is included also.

The Princess Quest  first appeared in the Kings of the Night II anthology.
Old Rex, aka the DA’s daughter’s dead dog, is one of the stories.

Pilot’s Course  was 2nd in the Andre Norton division in the 1995 FFWA FSW competition.

Except for Royal Guardians, all these stories are reprints.


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The Doorway and Other Stories on sale now!

The Doorway and Other Stories, a collection of science fiction and fantasy tales, is on sale now: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007SV1FB2

There are 14 stories, including princesses, mermaids, unicorns, ghosts, and aliens.

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Preditors & Editors Readers Poll final results

The final tallies are in for the Preditors & Editors Readers Poll, and Detour Trail is #6 (tied) in the All Other Novels category and Crystal Quest is #7 in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories category. And the Detour Trail cover is #13 (tied) in the Cover Art category.


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Preditors & Editors Readers Poll (link)

The Preditors & Editors poll is up: http://www.critters.org/predpoll/
And my western novel, Detour Trail, is in the Print/Electronic Novels pages: Novels: All Other Novels category and in the Book/e-book Cover Artwork category; and my short story, Crystal Quest, is in the Short Stories Pages: Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories.

You can check them out at the voting links on their website, if you’re interested.

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Building a fantasy world (link)

Guest post from Morgen Bailey’s writing blog: Creating food systems in a fantasy world by Rae Z Ryans: http://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/guest-post-creating-food-systems-in-a-fantasy-world-by-rae-z-ryans/

Here’s a helpful article when you’re creating a fantasy world with no ties to Earth–and want to make it more interesting. (My worlds often have ties to Earth so I can import some Terran animals–though not all of them thrive–and mix them with native animals.)

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