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Detour Trail on sale this month!

Detour Trail, my frontier adventure/romance, is on sale (half price) at Smashwords: until July 31. Lorrie forges her own trail after starting out on the Oregon Trail.

DetourTrail cover 2

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History from True West Magazine

I just got the June issue of True West Magazine; it’s another great issue full of historical articles and photos. One of those articles–the background of the murderous Bender family–especially interested me because while I don’t recall them specifically, I must have been aware of them or others possibly because I included a similar situation in Lorrie’s adventures in Detour Trail.

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New Detour Trail review (link)

Detour Trail review excerpt:

“This book is certainly filled with a lot of adventure and drama. And I love that the main character, Lorrie, is one gutsy chick! She is definitely someone I would want to have with me if I was traveling anywhere!

This story gives us an honest view of what life might have bee like for those travelers. Everything wasn’t all daisies. They were some hard times and this book does tell of all that!”

Detour Trail DetourTrail cover 2



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Joy V. Smith’s writing news update

My novels include Detour Trail, a western, and Strike Three, my post-apocalyptic novel; and I’m delighted to have my audiobook, Sugar Time, out in a  new edition as an ebook and a paperback; this edition includes all four Sugar Sweet time travel stories.  (See below for ordering info.) And now one of my novels that has been sitting on an editor’s desk, has been requested by the editor (that is, the full ms).  And I’m working on my latest novel that just needs a little more tweaking–oh, plus the last chapter–so I can submit that one!

Detour Trail: 

Strike Three: For the print edition of Strike Three, go to Createspace:   

If you prefer eBooks, go to Smashwords: 

Sugar Time:

Also available on Amazon and elsewhere

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Detour Trail review (link)

I found a new Detour Trail review recently: Detour Trail review:

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Detour Trail sign from PhotoFunia

I really like this sign idea that I found on PhotoFunia; it fits Detour Trail, my western novel, so well because Lorrie made her own trail when she left the Oregon Trail.

Detour Trail sign 11226183_1652561485000159_7610062406381567765_n


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Detour Trail by Joy V. Smith (book review)

Another 5 star review:

Detour Trail- Joy V. Smith.

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