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Authors’ Showcase (link)

My western novel, Detour Trail, is now up on Authors’ Showcase:

DetourTrail cover 2


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Historical fiction survey (link)

This survey looks at differences in reading and buying books with charts and conclusions. I found it very interesting, including the age and gender differences in making choices.

The 2013 historical fiction survey ran from October 16 to November 11 and reached 2440 participants from different parts of the world.

The survey was conducted by M. K. Todd. See Mary’s blog at:

Survey link:

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Preditors & Editors Readers Poll (link)

The Preditors & Editors poll is up:
And my western novel, Detour Trail, is in the Print/Electronic Novels pages: Novels: All Other Novels category and in the Book/e-book Cover Artwork category; and my short story, Crystal Quest, is in the Short Stories Pages: Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories.

You can check them out at the voting links on their website, if you’re interested.

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Writing historical fiction (link)

I did a lot of research when writing Detour Trail–much more than I expected to do ’cause I kept realizing how ignorant I was. If you’re writing historical fiction, here’s a helpful article with input by five historical fiction writers from the WOW/Women on Writing website:


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Historical novel research

I have a little article in the November/December 2013 issue of Working Writer: 10 Pitfalls of Historical Writing.

Since I was focused on Detour Trail, I had to learn things such as: How fast can oxen walk. What if they’re tired? Can horses run faster than mules? When did photographers start using glass plates? You don’t think about things until suddenly they’re in your story and you wonder if your timeline is accurate.

Here’s the Working Writer link:


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Historical fiction survey (link)

For historical fiction writers–or anyone who’s interested in reading it–here’s a historical fiction survey; it’s long, but would your book fit that niche? It could put you on their mailing list and might be useful in the future. I added my media blog, which may be listed with the survey results, as I recall.



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