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Punctuation and grammar books list

Here’s a partial list of punctuation and grammar books available on Amazon (from one of their email listings):

by G. Miki Hayden

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: An Easy-to-Use Guide with Clear Rules, Real-World Examples, and Reproducible Quizzes
by Jane Straus

English Grammar & Punctuation
by Shelley Evans-Marshall

The Best Punctuation Book, Period: A Comprehensive Guide for Every Writer, Editor, Student, and Businessperson
by June Casagrande

English Grammar Workbook For Dummies
by Geraldine Woods


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Basic writing rules from Morgen Bailey’s writing blog (link)

I appreciate these reminders ’cause I lose track sometimes:

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Sunday is a free day from the A to Z challenge

So, I’ll tackle the oft ill-used: Begging the question. Btw, Marilyn explains it in her column in Parade magazine today. It’s been mis-used so often that Marilyn recommends not using it correctly ’cause no one will understand you–or say what you actually mean: That raises the question. (Pity. It was a good phrase [statement].)

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The Wrong Stuff: Findings of a Forensic Grammarian

Writing guru, novelist, and verbal dogsbody Howard
Denson’s latest book is “The Wrong Stuff: Findings of a Forensic Grammarian,” and it purports to be “a cross between Dave Barry and Strunk & White [authors of “The Elements of Style”].” Americans have lived through a perpetual fight between Prescriptive and Descriptive Grammarians, without gaining much illumination from the experience. One army’s battle-cry is “no!” and its banner is dismal black. The Descriptives wave a white battle flag and they cry “we surrender” to any language usage. The Prescriptives fight words such as “irregardless” and “alright,” while the Descriptives embrace them.

Follow the link below to find where often sane and sensible writers (and editors) have stumbled in their writing:
http://howarddenson. webs. com/theforensicgrammarian. htm

A paperback collection, “The Wrong Stuff: Findings of a Forensic Grammarian,” is available online at and Barnes & Nobel’s website. Go to

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Future tense (link)

There are many ways in which a writer can express what may be upcoming in the future.  I recently found these examples:

I was really impressed ’cause I didn’t know we had so many choices.  I looked up tense, and in Webster’s New World Dictionary (Third College Edition) I found this: “English tenses other than the simple present and simple past are formed by the use of an auxiliary verb with a participle or an infinitive.”

Thanks, Sue!  (I’m embarassed to admit that I’m an English major, and I didn’t know that.)

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