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Sugar Time press release

Press Release

Sugar Time
Joy V. Smith
Paperback: 56 pages
Publisher: Hadrosaur Productions (August 12, 2015)
ISBN-10: 1885093810 ISBN-13: 978-1885093813
The paperback is $5.95; the Kindle edition is $2.99.

Her name is Sugar. Sugar Sweet. When Sugar’s Uncle Max falls ill and his two colleagues disappear, he asks her to investigate. She must find them and protect her uncle’s research project, a working time machine. Sugar must act quickly to unlock the secret of time travel … Sugar Time collects Joy V. Smith’s Sugar Sweet stories into one volume. Sugar Time was originally an audiobook, but this edition includes all four stories. (One was published elsewhere.)
Joy V. Smith has been writing since she was a little kid; she loved to read, and she wanted to create her own books, so she did, complete with covers. Now she writes fiction–her favorite genre is science fiction–and non-fiction. Her short stories have been published in print magazines, webzines, anthologies, and two audiobooks, including Sugar Time. Her books include fiction and non-fiction and two collections of her published short stories: The Doorway and Other Stories and Aliens, Animals, and Adventure. She lives in Florida with Blizzard the Snow Princess and Bryn the Flying Corgi.


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Joy also has a story collection and audiobook for SF readers

The Doorway and Other Stories is now available in paperback too:
Here are fourteen of my favorite stories, and since my favorite genre is science fiction, they are mostly SF except for The Princess Quest, a tongue-in-cheek sword and sorcery epic, and Old Rex, a ghost story. They’ve all been published elsewhere, except for Royal Guardians; this is its first time in print. If you like reading about aliens, time travel, symbiotes, and humans searching for a home, family, their own bodies, etc., check it out here: The Doorway and Other Stories
Maxwell Sweet along with two professors have been conducting secret experiments in an old Victorian mansion outside Galveston, Texas. However, the two professors have vanished and Maxwell Sweet has fallen ill. Now, it’s up to Sweet’s tough-as-nails niece to find out what happened to the project: a time machine.
Note: Sugar Time will be available as a book one of these days, and it will include another story in the time machine series that was published separately.



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Joy V. Smith in the spotlight

Here’s a link to Author Spotlight: Joy V. Smith:

I got the chance to talk about my writing and stories.  Thanks, Morgen!  I’ll be posting links to my Pinterest boards later.  I only joined Pinterest a couple days ago; I spent a lot of time shrieking and begging for help, but I’ve got a few book covers and other things “pinned.”


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Joy V. Smith’s writing news update

There are only a few days left to get my remodeling e-book, Remodeling: Buying and Updating a Foreclosure, at half-price:

And here are my other e-books:

My latest e-book (story collection), The Doorway and Other Stories, is available only on Kindle: , but there are free Kindle apps on the wepage.

Hidebound (SF) After Anfissa meets Ferenc, they flee to a planet where even the grass is deadly.

Pretty Pink Planet (free e-book):  (SF) Lori, an agent of SOESFOL, visits Prism to track down planet pirates and rescue aliens.

Hot Yellow Planet (SF) In this Pretty Pink Planet sequel, Lori and Chiing continue their adventures.

I also have an audiobook: Sugar Time; it is three connected time travel tales:

And I’m still waiting to hear from two different editors about my two SF novels.

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