Taboo Tech review (#1)

Review #1: Review by Rabia Tanveer

Review Rating: 5 Stars

Reviewed by Rabia Tanveer for Readers’ Favorite

Taboo Tech by Joy V. Smith is a young adult science fiction novel with plenty of adventure and action to entertain you. Lacie Leigh Collier was ready to start secondary school when things changed completely. Her parents left her in the care of her Uncle Sterling as they chased after taboo technology. It was supposed to be simple, but it wasn’t. Before she knew it, she had embarked on a journey with her uncle as he too chased after the prohibited tech. However, the situation altered drastically when Sterling had to leave Lacie with an AI called Embers. Alone, aware of the dangers around her, and overwhelmed at the space academy, Lacie was thrust into a world she wasn’t prepared to tackle. That didn’t mean she wouldn’t be up for the challenge. Lacie was her parents’ daughter, after all. A new challenge was the next big adventure. Would she survive it, though?

Taboo Tech had my attention from the moment I read the blurb, and I knew this novel would be fantastic. Joy V Smith created the perfect universe for Lacie to thrive in as well as the ideal atmosphere for Lacie’s curiosity to take flight and ensure that readers were on board. The concept of forbidden technologies was fantastic and handled perfectly. I was curious to see what technology Lacie’s parents were seeking, what Uncle Sterling was after, and those that followed. Lacie’s quest to find her parents and uncle was fun, but her growth surprised me. I enjoyed how open she became, accepted her fate, and took over like the heroine she was. The descriptions of Rainbow’s End were breathtaking, and I felt as if I was right next to Lacie as she made friends. I would highly recommend Taboo Tech.

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