Taboo Tech review #3

Review #3: Review by K.C. Finn

Review Rating: 5 Stars 

Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Taboo Tech is a work in the science fiction, adventure, and action subgenres. It is intended for the young adult reading audience and is penned by Joy V. Smith. In this riveting tale of finding your way in the world, we meet our teenage protagonist Lacie Leigh Collier when she is entrusted to her Uncle Sterling’s care. But Sterling has his own business to attend to, and when the Interstellar Guard pursues him after questing for forbidden tech, Lacie is left to fend for herself. With only her space academy education and a personal AI to help her, Lacie must face reality quickly and use all her smarts to get herself safely home.

Joy V. Smith has crafted a delightful YA space adventure that will give you everything you want in a space cadet adventure. I especially enjoyed the narrative and character work around the central character Lacie, whose can-do attitude and energy for discovery spurs the plot forward with a lot of positivity and hope. But, of course, there are tough times too and struggles, and the plot twists with her family secrets and her parents were well handled and enjoyably surprising, but it also made sense when you looked back over the story’s events. The dialogue is a standout feature for me, too, as it felt futuristic but still relatable and authentically teen, and Embers was portrayed amusingly. Overall, Taboo Tech is a recommended read for fans of YA space adventures everywhere, so don’t miss out on this fantastic journey!

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