The Wrong Stuff (link)

“THE WRONG STUFF: FINDINGS OF A FORENSIC GRAMMARIAN by Howard Denson has been described as “a cross between Dave Barry and Strunk & White.” The book helps the aspiring writers to make their way across the battlefield of the Prescriptive Grammarians (with their black flag of linguistic doom) and the Descriptive Grammarians (with their white flag of surrender to almost any language usage). It devotes chapters to “How to Read The Wrong Stuff,” “Everyone Makes Mistakes,” “The Dog That Didn’t Bark in the Night,” “Does Anyone Check Copy Anymore?”, “Some Words Creep into Usage on Cat’s Feet,” …”





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2 responses to “The Wrong Stuff (link)

  1. This book looks really interesting, Joy.

  2. I appreciate books that are helpful and fun.

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