Detour Trail tidbit

From The Write Stuff:

WHEN ONE OF YOUR CHARACTERS IS A MULEJoy V. Smith ran into a problem with her novel “Detour Trail” when one of her key characters was a mule named Jake. Says she in an April 27 post: One of my first sources said that mules were mostly black so I made Jake black ’cause I wanted to be accurate. Later I learned…that they could be the same colors as horses. After all that’s in their genes!” For her guest post, go to Good Book Alert:


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3 responses to “Detour Trail tidbit

  1. laurie27wsmith

    That was an interesting guest post Joy. Mules also live longer than horses. I read of one that lived to 44 years old. His brand showed him to be a US army mule who saw service in the Philippines in WW 2.

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