F is for Fuel

Back to the Challenge: No matter how many vehicles still run or are repairable, where will they get the fuel?  How stale will it be?  Can it be cleaned?  And what about heating?



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6 responses to “F is for Fuel

  1. A world without fuel (or even severely limited fuel) is an intriguing proposition. I can imagine fuel becoming a form of currency at that point – much like gold.

    I enjoy post-apocalyptic stories and seeing what challenges the author drops into the mix. Good luck with the upcoming book launch. You’ve piqued my interest for sure. 🙂

  2. My kids really like the survivor man shows. Fuel…I think there are a lot of trees to make fire (and if we ever needed to, after a big disaster, use lumber from destroyed home, right?). As far as cars are concerned I think we would have to leave them (bikes perhaps?).

    Enjoying your dystopian A-Z!

    • Lucy, Thanks! Good ideas. (And I watch the Survivor Man shows too. Did you see that there’s a new show: Survivor Man & Son? And I used survival manuals when doing my research, including a military manual.) Yes, there are trees for firewood, among other things. And there will be bikes, among other things…

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