It’s time for the letter A!

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge starts today, April 1, and my A word is Annihilation.  My theme is based on my post-apocalyptic novel, Strike Three.  So, has all life on Earth been annihilated?  No, and here come some survivors now, blinking in the bright sunlight, which they haven’t seen for …  Well, it depends on long this group was hidden away.  They certainly weren’t prepared for the devastating changes they see.



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5 responses to “It’s time for the letter A!

  1. Total destruction? I’m anxious to read more…

  2. Sounds like fun! For the readers at least… 🙂 Love post-apocalyptic.

    • Thanks. I hope the readers like it. I enjoy creating new worlds, whether on other planets (Cold New World and Velvet of Swords), the western frontier (Detour Trail), or Earth (Strike Three).

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