Christmas gift ideas: Joy’s e-books (links)

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who got an ebook reader for Christmas–or couldn’t wait–here are my e-books. Or you can read them on your computer. Your choice.


Detour Trail
Westward bound on the Oregon Trail, Lorrie Emerson is alone after her uncle is killed. Ignoring the wagon master’s advice to go home, she rounds up others needing help, and they join a later wagon train and are soon slogging through dust and mud and steep mountain passes, but it’s not long before she’s again forging her own trail.
It’s available from Melange Books, the publisher–and elsewhere online:

Pretty Pink Planet
Lori, an agent of SOESFOL (Search Out and Establish Sentient Forms of Life) visits Prism, a popular tourist destination, to track down planet pirates and rescue aliens, if she can find and talk to them.

(Pretty Pink Planet is a free ebook)

Hot Yellow Planet
In the sequel to Pretty Pink Planet, Lori and Chiing continue their adventures, meeting up with Chameleons, Ghosters, Splurts, and other aliens and humans.

Hidebound is a SF romance (adult content) also available on Amazon Kindle:

And Smashwords:

My e-book, The Doorway and Other Stories, is available on Kindle:
It includes 14 SF and fantasy adventures AND it will soon be available as a paperback.

Remodeling: Buying and Updating a Foreclosure
How we coped with selling a house–at last, looking for a new house, buying a new house that was a foreclosure and needed lots of work, and then remodeling it since it didn’t even have a kitchen sink!




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2 responses to “Christmas gift ideas: Joy’s e-books (links)

  1. The Xmas elves are going to be busy over there Joy.

  2. In the good old days, I’d have told them to start printing.

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