Historical novel research

I have a little article in the November/December 2013 issue of Working Writer: 10 Pitfalls of Historical Writing.

Since I was focused on Detour Trail, I had to learn things such as: How fast can oxen walk. What if they’re tired? Can horses run faster than mules? When did photographers start using glass plates? You don’t think about things until suddenly they’re in your story and you wonder if your timeline is accurate.

Here’s the Working Writer link: http://www.workingwriter1.com/



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2 responses to “Historical novel research

  1. It’s a fact of life Joy, even in fiction one just has to get it right.

  2. Yes, and it annoys me exceedingly when movies take liberties with the facts, such as in Titanic, the latest version of Kon-Tinki, …

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