Lulu title scorer (link)

My western novel, Detour Trail, got a 45.6% chance of being a best selling title, but this was my second try; I changed a couple descriptive terms. The first time was lower–35 something % .

We’re having fun with the Lulu title scorer on LinkedIn: Hstorical Fiction: Whats the best approach for a book title? should it be based on characterestics of a character or the timeline or a tagline type title?


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2 responses to “Lulu title scorer (link)

  1. thanks! i am not ready to publish (working on a children’s book) but the titles i had considered got a low score – i think i will wait for more writing to be completed before i think of a new title… because isn’t the book cover ultra important?

    • Daphne, you’ve got a working title? No need to fret about the title for the book until it’s finished. Yes, the cover is important too. And it’s always possible that the Lulu title scorer got it wrong. (Our AIs aren’t pefect yet.) Also, if you go the publisher route, they might change it. When you’re farther along, the perfect title may pop up…

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