To learn more about Joy V. Smith, the writer

Find out more about Joy V. Smith:

My Amazon author page:

My Pinterest link:

And here’s my author spotlight:

And my interview with The Western Online:



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4 responses to “To learn more about Joy V. Smith, the writer

  1. Laurie, thanks. I hope you enjoyed my Pinterest collections. I don’t know if you’re a Doctor Who fan (I am), but the new addition of a Tardis cat tree house in Cool Critters, is fun, I think.

  2. I’m currently hosting a groundbreaking collaborative writing challenge with Audiomachine (major motion picture music house) and would love for you to join me as a guest writer in the challenge. Your writing rocks–I need rockin’ writers–so check it out and let me know what ya think!

    • Sam, thank you so much for the invitation! I checked it out and that is a fascinating challenge, but right now I’m focused on some other challenges… But I do appreciate the invitation.

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