Marketing update for Detour Trail

I’ve been focusing on my target audience for Detour Trail–readers who like westerns and history–lately, so I decided to splurge on an ad in a western magazine. (Great media kit, btw.) It’s one of the cheaper ads (Trading Post), but apparently it works, and some writers have gone on for the 6X ad (cheaper). (They’re holding that rate for me if I want it later.) One of the review excerpts they’re using in the ad mentions Children on the Oregon Trail so I looked it up. Hmm. If I could connect with that…

When I tracked down Children on the Oregon Trail (based on a true story, btw), I came across lots of books about the Oregon Trail. So, how can I make use of that? And then I thought of my Listmania lists on Amazon and started one for Stories about the Oregon Trail. Then I checked out the recommendations for related books. They not only recommend related books that readers have bought, but some that readers have viewed.



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4 responses to “Marketing update for Detour Trail

  1. Way to go Joy.

  2. I enjoyed it–and your photos–as usual. Great looking kid!

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