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From: THE   WRITE  STUFF   Writing News for the Sunshine State & the Solar System 

The Caddo tribe (of eastern Texas) gave us the word for Texas (“friend”). On the Texas page, you can track the words of the Apaches, Comanches, the Wichita tribes, and others: http://www.native-languages.org/texas.htm

Break the rules to become a best-seller

Rob Eager, author consultant and founder of Wildfire Marketing, says the old rules for successful authors no longer work. Instead, he has come up with five successful marketing strategies, including “Created a free resource that was featured for 21 days on more than 350 radio stations.”


And read the comments.

Stylebook update:

Debra Saunders notes that the Associated Press has changed its stylebook to reject the term “illegal immigrant.” She says: “Make no mistake about this decision. Whatever prompted the change, its practical effect is to delegitimize those who have called for tougher enforcement of U.S. immigration law.” News media are using the term “undocumented immigrants” instead.



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