Author Central on Amazon (guide)

From Amazon emaiL:

Guy Kawasaki has some great advice on how and why to use Amazon Author Central in his latest book, APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur—How to Publish Your Book. We asked Guy what tips he has for getting the most out of Author Central:

“Think of your Amazon Author Page as your online identity as an author. Here’s how to use Author Central to create a great Author Page:

• Provide a high-quality profile photo— Your photo should depict you as someone who is likable, trustworthy, and competent. Your face should dominate the photo–don’t include your kids, spouse, car, or cat. The picture should be in-focus, without red-eye, and with a light source in front of you.
• Ensure your biography is complete and up to date— This is where you need to prove to people that you have the street cred to write a book. Think of this as your elevator pitch as if you’re applying for a job.
• Use all your weapons— This means investing the time to include your blogs and social-media accounts. That said, if you’re no longer blogging or using a social-media account, then don’t include them. The goal here is show that you’re an engaged and engaging person.
• Cut to the chase— Let your writing and reviews do the talking. Don’t describe yourself or your writing as innovative,” “inspiring,” and “irresistible.” Bragging makes you look clueless. Let the stars do the talking.“

Here’s a link to Guy’s Author Page updated with photos, and links to his blog and tweets:

Author Pages are viewed by millions of readers each month. Managing your Author Page is easy. Simply log into Author Central at and go to the Profile tab to update your information. If you haven’t done so already, you can claim your own easy to remember Author Page web address to share on your blog and social networks.

The Author Central Team

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