The Lorelei Signal (fantasy ezine)

I have a story upcoming in Mystic Signals, which is a print publication that includes all of the stories published in The Lorelei Signal and Sorcerous Signals, as well as two print exclusive stories.  So, anyway, I was browsing The Lorelei Signal webpage, and learned where this fantasy ezine title came from:

“The title of this magazine was taken from the Animated Star Trek episode by the same name. In that episode the men of the Enterprise fell under a siren song and it was Lt. Uhura who had to take command of the Enterprise.  It was a pretty hokey set-up to finally get a female in the command chair of the original Enterprise, but at least she got there.”

(I’ve never seen the animated series, but some of the storylines I’ve read about elsewhere sound like fun.) 

You can check out the ezine at:



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