Joy’s writing news update

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t share that first cover for Detour Trail; it was just a template, but they sent me another cover, and this one is up on the publisher’s website, but it doesn’t have a link yet.  I like this cover too; I can’t wait till there’s a link on it; then I’ll post it.  And this one is a wrap around cover, so it includes the back.  And I think it’s cool! 

I’ve submitted a story (two I put together actually; one is the sequel) to Kindle Singles.  I should hear back within four weeks if they’ve accepted it.  They needed a home because the anthology the first one was accepted for (The Big Black), folded, and I hadn’t found another home for it yet, though it made the short list for the Zero Gravity antho.
I was going to submit another story elsewhere (another sequel, but this was to a published story, Seedlings, in Magistria: The Realm of the Sorcerer.  That was an invitation only theme anthology about magic…)  However, when I checked my records to be sure I hadn’t submitted it to the market I was considering just to be sure I hadn’t already done that and been rejected (I’ve done that before; I should have checked sooner.), I found that I had submitted it there a few months ago and was waiting to hear back…  (The sequel was scheduled for a follow-up antho, but that hasn’t worked out.)
The third week in January is National Book Week.  You can start discussions about books on forums you belong to and post covers on Pinterest.  I love book covers!  I want to post mine too!



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