Books listings (link)

Here’s a blog where you can browse books in a variety of categories–and even list your own:  You must give her a one-line description.  Good editing practice!

My ebooks:  Hidebound and Sugar Time are under Fiction: Prose-Novels and Pretty Pink Planet and Hot Yellow Planet are under Prose: Short Stories, while Remodeling: Buying and Updating a Forclosure is under Non-Fiction. 

(Thank you, Morgen!)


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7 responses to “Books listings (link)

  1. Hi Joy

    Your non-fiction is there too – you just need to scroll further down. 🙂

    I’ve tried the links and see the two Smashwords are shorts so I’ve moved those to the short story section.

    Please take another look at the page and check it’s all OK.


    Morgen x

  2. Actually, should Sugar Time be under shorts too?

  3. Oops. I should have separated my non-fiction in my post; it is confusing the way I put it…

  4. Morgen, thanks again. I’ve corrected my original post.

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